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  1. § Joe Gratz said on :
    I think the proposal makes the "orphan works troll" situation even less likely. First, if a reasonably diligent search doesn't turn up the copyright holder, it will be relatively rare and expensive for a prospective troll to actually find such a copyright holder. The copyright holder would have to be findable through an extraordinarily diligent search, but not findable through a merely reasonably diligent search.

    Second, the profits would almost never justify the search costs. Remember -- if there was a reasonably diligent search, under the proposal, nobody gets statutory damages or attorney's fees, just an approximation of what the license fee would have been. The price the copyright holder charged the troll is evidence of what a reasonable fee is. So it would be unusual, I think, for the fee paid by the user to the troll (or for the sum of all the fees paid by all the users to the troll) to be higher than the fee paid by the troll to the copyright holder. Thus, it would seldom pay to be a troll; when the system works right, their total income equals the price they paid the copyright holder, plus they have the cost of finding the copyright owner in the first place on top of that.
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