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  1. § Rebecca Mercuri Email said on :
    Did Renee Steinhagen happen to mention that although NJ has voter verified legislation in place required for 2008, compliance is still dubious, despite a successful lawsuit? It's important to remember that legislation requiring audits can only be useful if there's paper ballots TO audit.
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    She might have mentioned that, I don't recall. Video will be posted soon. I'm going to turn on moderation for comments here as I consider your posting of two exactly the same comments to two separate posts approaching spam, Rebecca.
  3. § AllAboutVoting Email said on :
    I look forward to seeing video posted; It sounds like there were a number of interesting speakers.

    My embarrassingly derivative post about this conference:

    Regarding Rebecca's comments:
    Joseph, this is your site and you are free to enforce whatever rules that you wish. I did not perceive Rebecca's comments as at all abusive. I've sometimes posted the same comment to multiple posts on a single site about the same topic when there was a point to be made that was relevant to both posts.
  4. § joe® Email said on :
    Well, she posted it three times... twice on one post and once on another. I understand it could have been a technical error (blog software can be hard to use). Anyway, I try to be fair and at the same time stay true to the flavor I'd like to promote with this blog.
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