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  1. § Rebecca Mercuri Email said on :
    While Joe and the others were in the conference, Kathy Dopp (who originated a lot of the mathematics behind election audits and was not invited to speak and was also told that she was not welcome to attend) was beng evicted from the hotel. Read more about this at http://electionarchive.net/docs_pdf/info/US/AuditingSummitPoliceComplaint.pdf
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    She was told on no uncertain terms that she was not welcome and not invited. I think claiming she "originated a lot of the mathematics behind election audits" is a bit of a stretch. She's been very active and has made important contributions, but she does not play with other well, in asymmetric communication or real-time. The conference went off without a hitch and the organizers, unfortunately, spent an inordinate amount of time and money making sure that it did. They were intent on creating a productive, collaborative space for election officials, and they did a very good job.
  3. § Joyce McCloy Email said on :
    About NC's audits - Kalsbeek said that the targets were not selected in public. That was due to a loophole in our law passed in 2005.

    One year later we amended the audit language to mandate that the audit targets be selected after the election, and in a public meeting. See SL 2006-192 NC Election audit language improved. See SECTION 7.(b) G.S. 163‑182.2(b) signed into law on August 3, 2006.

    I hope our State Board of Elections is following the law. I will check into this to see. If not, they are breaking the law.

  4. § joe® Email said on :
    Hi Joyce, the way Kalsbeak described it, selection was performed very close to Election Day, and was properly done outside of public view. That may sound bad... but think about it: if you select targets before unofficial counting is done, than any malicious fraudsters will know exactly which targets to avoid to not be detected. Hopefully, the way it works now is that NC only selects targets after unofficial counting is completed... then it can be done in public. If it must be done in private, there should be witnesses and hopefully the proceedings recorded, sealed and then released when the targets are announced. Not ideal, but...
  5. § Joyce McCloy Email said on :
    This is why sharing information amongst e-voting activists, computer scientists, auditing folks etc is SO important.

    The State BOE today confirmed with me by phone - Kalsbeek's description of how our audits are being conducted.

    I was shocked to find that the NC State Board of Elections did not follow the section of law on audits in Nov 2006:

    SECTION 7.(a) G.S. 163-182.1(b) reads as rewritten:
    "The random selection of precincts for any county shall be done publicly after the initial count of election returns for that county is publicly released or 24 hours after the polls close on election day, whichever is earlier"

    And I believe that is the way we should do it. Why not do the random selection after election night, as decribed in our election law?

    NC counts all absentee ballots on election day.

    The only ballots that haven't been counted on election day are the provisional ballots. Those have to be reviewed during the week after election day.

    So the unofficial count is pretty much done on election night.

  6. § Neal McBurnett Email said on :
    It is very important that the random selection not happen until after the precinct-by-precinct or batch-by-batch election results have been published - i.e. the report that will be audited.

    Since many central-count scanners out there make it very hard to generate the reports you need to audit the batch results, it is not good enough to just wait until the preliminary counting and overall totals are announced. And it is certainly not good enough to just wait 24 hours after the close of polls, as that law would allow. Remember, one of the things you have to audit is that the final tallying is done properly. See http://www.coloradovoter.net/moin.cgi/ManualCountAudit
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