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  1. § Jason Kitcat said on :
    It's true that the UK doesn't have a secret ballot at the moment, I think we're the only established democracy to as a matter of policy not to have a secret vote.

    However the UK is in breach of several treaty commitments and could be breaking EU Human Rights law too. There is pressure to change procedures and a while back the UK government acknowledged that they would need to change the electoral law to create a properly secret ballot - but no details or timetable has ever emerged.

    Whilst in 'normal times' a state-kept list linking voters to their ballot doesn't concern many, I think we need to examine this like all civil liberties issues, with the possibility of a government that has tendencies to coercion, fascism, totalitarianism etc would the existence of these lists be a good thing? Would they be abused? Most certainly they would be, in the same way that ID records noting ethnicity were abused by the Germans in WWII Holland.

    Anything noting how you voted is open to abuse either now or some time in the future when how you voted could be embarrassing etc

    Secret ballots are a good thing. We should defend our right to have them most passionately.
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    However, can you imagine a design for such lists that is secure to the extent that you would be satisfied that it is nearly-secret? I think I could come up with something and my crypto. palls probably something else even better... whether or not that would be sufficient for the public (probably not) is unclear. Thanks for your feedback! Also, note that a law student and I are writing a large paper on open source in e-voting... it will be early 2006 before it's ready to show but we'd be interested in your feedback on the paper if you'd be willing to read it. best, Joe
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