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  1. § Doug Tygar said on :
    So, Jeff Varasano says that way down on the list of important issues is the selection of flour; you've argued elsewhere before. Do Jeff's comments make you revise your own opinion?
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    In short, with my own experimentation, I'm starting to think that flour isn't as big of a factor as I once thought. It's really more about how you make the dough and the care with which you let it mature (although I sure haven't used a starter or let my dough rise for multiple days in the fridge yet!).

    I haven't had much of an opportunity to really experiment with flour... I've done high-gluten, bread flour, unbleached AP flour and AP with gluten protein additive. Of all of these, personally, I prefer the high-gluten flour. Jeff is trying to replicate DOC-rules (napolitana pizza in Italy is certified!) which means he can only use (essentially) AP flour, water and salt. In these restricted rules, I would guess flour doesn't make much of a difference... although I find the high-gluten to be extra crusty and it holds moisture in the rest of the dough better. However, my last few pies have been very very chewy instead of pillowy... so I'm still exploring.
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