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  1. § Euroclie Email said on :
    Hello Joseph,

    Unfortunately, yesterday I tried to restore using AptBackup and got exactly the same result as you: all my AppStore applications disappeared from the SpringBoard.

    Using ssh and a terminal, I was able to find out that the data is still in the phone (in various subdirectories in the /var/mobile/Applications directory), but without any icon to launch the apps, it's not going to be very usefull...

    At least I have some hope to be able to restore part of the data stored there after reinstalling each and every application, but all in all I'd say that unless you have much more Cydia apps than AppStore apps, restoring with AptBackup isn't worth the effort. :-(
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    Well, that confirms that AptBackup sucks, ::). When I just upgraded to 3.1.2 (which was super simple), I simple took screenshots of each springboard page (by pressing home and power buttons simultaneously). The only things I missed this way are things that don't have an icon (SBSettings and OpenSSH). Good luck and I'm sorry AptBackup sucks!
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