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  1. § rich Email said on :
    "Had iTunes download, but not install, the iPhone OS 3.0 ipsw file."

    How do you do this? I've searched my file system for the location of any ipsw files and found none. Also there seems to be no direct links to the file on Apple servers listed in Google.
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    Hi, when you have your iphone plugged in, click on it in iTunes. The main iTunes window should have a "check for updates" button, click that. It should then prompt you to download and install or just download the new software.
  3. § rich Email said on :
    Ah, that'll be the problem - I had already installed 3.0 and i didn't choose download. Therefore iTunes simply decided i have the latest version and gives me no option to download/install now.

    I guess I need a URL to the download location for the update .ipsw file. Sure one will crop up on google soon.
  4. § rich Email said on :
    Ok, this is a pretty nice location for getting ipsw files if anyone is in the same predicament as me :-)

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