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  1. § Fred von Lohmann Email said on :
    I thought that simply inserting a USB hub between the Mac and the iPhone took care of the USB issues. Is it really necessary to do the 10.5.5 USB patch stuff?
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    I had heard and experienced some mixed success with that (and I had trouble getting it into DFU mode while practicing without the USB downgrade... not sure if that was related to this broken DFU thingy or just my ineptitude with getting the damn thing in DFU mode!).

    I suppose it's easy enough to try and just do the USB hub way... and as long as you have a backup of the phone, you should be in good shape to just do the USB downgrade if it doesn't work. The USB downgrade is a pretty quick and clean process (it simple overwrites some very specific files loaded at boot, and then overwrites them again).
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