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  1. § Dave Hong said on :
    Wow, Joe! I must admire the culinary scientist that is in you. Ever thought of competing with Alton Brown?
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    I tried to find a picture of alton brown's mixer... which is the same style but black with flame detail. No such luck. He's the shit.
  3. § Yuri said on :
    Awesome. You are now officially responsible for providing pizza for the next Forum meeting!
  4. § jim said on :
    pizza freak, marry me!
  5. § Rocky143 said on :
    The link above is not mine, but people interested in this thread will find the Physics of a Pizza Oven interesting.


    Excellent post! Thanks for the effort you put into it.

    Do you have any experience with quarry tile or firebrick on the floor of the oven and optionally quarry tile (brick is too heavy) on the rack above the food? In my perusal of the internet, it seems there are a lot of people who sware by this arrangement. Besides being good for pizza, this eliminates the temperature gradient from front to back and the additional thermal mass causes the oven to recover quicker from opening the door for a look.

    Black firebrick would radiate better than red quarry tile and better than tan pizza stones. You can cook directly on the firebrick/tiles on the floor of the oven.

    Where did you get the idea of the aluminum foil baffle? Did you try moving the pizza high in the oven so that it shades the ceiling from the radiant heat from below? That would make the top cook slower.

  6. § Jim Ogunce said on :
    Hello Pizza in my country tastes bad. I have a plan to take pizza fast food joint to a new level in nigeria this has to be done by an international company coming into my country that means i get an opportunity of having my fast food joint in every state and city of the country to make that happen i need help . i would like a volunteer to come down to nigeria and help by teaching by teaching cooks how to make different types of pizza.I also want to know how long the teaching will last and how much you will collect for your services. I will be anticipating your prompt response.
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