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  1. § Sean said on :
    Right on Joe!

    Ever since I moved to the Bay Area a decade ago people have raved about how great the pizza in Berkeley is, at Zachary's and at Cheeseboard. Meanwhile, I've been to both places many times and I'd kill for a slice of pizza from any random low-end Manhattan streetcorner pizza dive...

    A slice of that heaven makes Cheeseboard and Zachary's seem like something that stuck to the back of the freezer at Safeway. It's cheaper too and you don't have to wait in a big hyped-up line.

    Then again once you've lived in SF, they say you'll never be satisfied w/ an inferior NYC burrito, ja?

    Globalism shmobalism.. But I'm going to try Gioia, because surely it's possible to make real NY pizza on the West coast..
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