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  1. § Yuri said on :
    Let me restate the point I made to Joe. Suppose that US government contracted Diebold to run US elections according the the following scheme. the CEO of Diebold sits alone in a closed room and comes up with a count of votes using a secret technique; he then writes the number for each candidate on a piece of paper and slips it under the door. Suppose, further, that the EFF decided to put much effort into making sure that this piece of paper is not tempered with in any way. Such efforts would clearly do no good, since the whole scheme is idiotic to begin with and whether the results that come out of it are modified is absolutely irrelevant. Furthermore, putting effort into securing the voting numbers produced that way would only give the public an impression that EFF sees those numbers as worth protecting and the scheme as at least some reasonable.

    The electronic voting system that will be used in November is really no better than the scheme described above. At the end of the day, Diebold machines will tell us how many votes there were, and we'll just have to trust them without any way of knowing how they produced those numbers. Looking for smaller problems, like election officials switching flash cards only undermines this fundamental point.

    Whether flash cards get swapped or not, there will be no meaningful elections in the US this year. Let me repeat it: there will be no meaningful elections.

    Therefore, this years elections cannot be further compromized with swapped flash cards. Similarly, I cannot see how switching to paper voting at the last minute can possibly make things worth...
  2. § joe® Email said on :
    I don't think you understand that most election fraud occurs within post-precinct canvassing... and by ensuring that the number of votes cast in a precinct equals the number of registered voters that were handed voting tokens, the worst that can happen is that the votes are changed in the computer system before they are canvassed at the precinct-level (where results printout are posted outside the precincts). Further, by observing the process during the most critical point - during election day - there's a good chance that any fraud outside of the software level will be foiled. As for fraud perpetrated at the code-level, that will take time, coordination and regulation to fight. We're planning something at this level but you'll just have to wait to see it.
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