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Manual Tally Procedures for California Counties

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Some of you may know that I've been working, for over two years now, with a bunch of other people to develop a set of generic procedures that California counties can use to conduct their manual tally. (The manual tally is a legally-mandated "automatic r… more »

It's The Final Cylon

It's official, the final cylon is [John Frakkin' McCain](http://cmpalmer.blogspot.com/2008/03/john-mccain-is-he-cylon.html)! more »

Iowa Decides on Paper...

elections, reform, news, policy, legal
After Gov. Culver signs the legislation today, [Iowa will become the 30th state to require the use of paper records] with their voting systems ([8 more use paper records statewide] without a specific legislative requirement). Bravo! There's much m… more »

Photos and Video from Manual Tally Observations

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I've been involved in a lengthy project to create procedures that any California County can use to do their 1% Manual Tally (as prescribed by [CA Election Code 15360]). In the process, I've observed the selection and manual tally in a few California… more »

Will Some Ohio Polling Places Be Inadvertantly Shut Down on Election Day?

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Many of us are seriously worried about Ohio's March 4 primary. I highly recommend Ned Foley's article, [*"Administering the March 4 Primary in Ohio"*][1], which lists five things we should all keep our eyes on. In the 8th paragraph of Prof. Foley's ar… more »
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