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  1. § Cliff H said on :
    Hey Joseph, I was doing some searching for a source for those Dimp Gel wonders and ran across your blog. If I find a place with the laptop ones in stock, I'll let you know...my girlfriend took my spare mouse DG and now I'm scouring the net for another one. Wonderful stuff.
  2. § daisy said on :
    You are hilarious! I happened upon your site as I was looking up which words could be typed on one hand and google popped yours out first. I think you could make your wrist puffs even better if you covered them with a spandex material with suns and moons on them or perhaps velour, ooh lah lah. At any rate, thank you for amusing me all the way across the country. Three cheers for a fantabulous site and keep up the good work!
  3. § scott James said on :
    i will like to buy the laptop in the pics and i will want yo9uy to tel me the amout you will sellit
  4. § Dona said on :
    Hello, I wanted to let you know that I found the dimpgel pads for sale on a local web site. Go to Shinza.Com. The manufacturer told me where to find them. They are about 9 dollars each.

    I used your shipping bubble for a while but it wasn't soft enough for me so I made a wedged laptop pillow with a hard surfact to rest the laptop on for ventalation. They I cut a fake fur fabric pocket and sewed it to the bottom part of the pillow to make a sleeve. The laptop, when open slides into the pocket and the fur has a hole cut out for my mousepad. My wrists are protected from the hard plastic. There is a place to slide a pad under the fur. It works great. Another tip, my rubber feet kept coming off so I chucked them and put some hot glue in the slots where the rubber feet used to go and it works great. Good luck
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