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  1. § Eddy said on :
    Just want to give my shout-out that this worked EXACTLY! Thank you for the fix!!!!
  2. § Vee.. Email said on :
    I corrected the problem thanks to your fix. Then realized I wasn't getting any videos forwarded to Air Sharing. So I tried redoing the hack to get cycorder to forward all videos to Air Sharing and now I screwed it up again...and this time your fix would not rectify the problem. Have you run into that problem anyone?
  3. § Vee.. Email said on :
    So now...my cycorder is crashing upon opening and Air Sharing is not getting anything forwarded to it
  4. § joe® Email said on :
    it's probably a permissions problem or the link isn't pointing to the right place.
  5. § Vin Email said on :
    OK, I am a rookies at the entire iphone SSH. I did try removing the Air Share application all together and I am still having the same problem with Cycrder. It keeps crashing. Is there any chance you can give me a step by step process to fix this. Much of the above information looks like it is for someone who knows the basics of the iphone... I don't, sorry. I am using Fugu to get into my iphone directory if this helps. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. § joe® Email said on :
    Unfortunately, all I can recommend here is that you uninstall and reinstall cycorder, which will stop the crashing. This isn't the kind of thing that is amenable to novices, alas.
  7. § Hemorrhoids Email said on :
    For some reason I can't install this properly on my iPhone 3G 16gb. It keeps on crashing on me. What is going on? Please help. This works well with my previous iPhone 3G 8gb and now it won't work with the 3G 16gb. Please help anyone?
  8. § joe® Email said on :
    you might reinstall air sharing and cycorder.
  9. § Cornsky Email said on :
    ln -s "../Applications/FA299166-2613-4F36-9043-A52711FA9123/Documents/Air Sharing/Public" ./Videos

    -For some of you, the above path will be different aside from Application string... (the "FA299166-2613-4F36-9043-A52711FA9123" part). For instance, my path required I leave out the "Air Sharing" part. I also created a folder "Videos" in Air Sharing that changed the path as well...see here:

    ln -s "../Applications/AF161355-8A8F-42F0-97AB-79559FA284D0/Documents/Videos" ./Videos

    This is where "AF161355-8A8F-42F0-97AB-79559FA284D0" is the Application string for the directory of my Air Sharing app and the "Videos" part is the folder I created for the Cycorder videos within the Air Sharing app itself.

    -If you SSH into your iPhone via this (http://www.ipodtouchfans.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71907) great link, you can click through to your proper path after identifying your Applications string using the:

    root# find . -name "Air Sharing" -print

    Also, it is possible you may need to remove the space between "Air" and "Sharing"....such as "AirSharing", when searching for your Application string.

    Hope this helps...I spent a long time figuring out those subtle changes to make my symbolic link work correctly. If there is anything else I can do to help anyone out, feel free to ask.

    Best wishes,

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