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The Dangers of Blurring Lines in Academia...

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[Lilia](, a recent Master's graduate from here at the [iSchool](, recounts her frustrating experience with her Master's project, her adviser and intellectual property associated with her project:… more »

VoterAction files suit in CA against Secretary of State

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A group of California voters[1] filed suit today against the California Secretary of State and all State election officials[2] that plan on using DESI's DRE and optical scan voting machines in upcoming elections. Here is the [complaint](http://www.votet… more »

Forbes barfs on blogging

blogging, copyright, SCO, wtf?, chilling effects, policy, legal, threats
So, [Forbes][1] has a series of ridiculous pieces that make up it's cover story for the November 14 issue. The first ([*"Attack of the Blogs"*][2]) is a piece that generalizes about "attack blogs" using one lengthy example and a bunch of crap sprinkled… more »

Was Robertson's Chavez threat criminal?

wtf?, chilling effects, legal, threats
On the books, there's this midemeanor: > "Whoever willfully -- (1) ... threatens ... a foreign official ..., [or] (2) attempts to... threaten ... a foreign official ... shall be fined under this titled or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.… more »

Astrologer suing NASA for hitting comet with spacecraft

wtf?, space, astronomy, law, legal, threats
Check this out...: > ### [Astrologist sues NASA over crash]( > MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) -- A Russian astrologist who says NASA has altered her horoscope by crashing a spacecraft… more »
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