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Got an iPod? Get a Speck ToughSkin

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This is a testimonial of sorts. Short version: My iPod got ran over by a car; [Speck]'s [ToughSkin] saved its ass. [Speck]: [ToughSkin]: I'm the kind of person that has to… more »

New Research Forthcoming on Racial Gap in Voting Technology

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I was recently reviewing the upcoming [Brennan Center] report on the extensive threat modeling of voting systems that they've done. I saw this in the text (this is reprinted in this blog with the permission of the Brennan Center): [Brennan Center]:… more »

BBV report on DESI DRE vulnerabilities...

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So [BBV]( just released their report ([*"SECURITY ALERT: May 11, 2006 - Critical Security Issues with Diebold TSx"*]( authored by Harri Hursti) on the vulnerabilities of the DE… more »

Vulnerable Machines

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So, while waiting on pins and needles to hear from the [Black Box Voting] crew about [their report] concerning [serious vulnerabilities] in DESI DREs, I'll note another Diebold machine acting strangely. [Black Box Voting]: http://www.blackboxvoting.… more »

Our CFP Tutorial

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##### Sorry, this post got mangled in a previous database record. Jack Lerner ([SLTPPC](, Matt Zimmerman ([EFF]( and I just finished a superb "Electronic Voting Primer" as a half-day tutorial at t… more »
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