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FB's Software Doesn't Seem Worth Billions

wtf?, privacy, usability
Not, of course, that their billion-dollar IPO filing is solely based on the quality and value of their software. *(warning: usability rant.)* I recently re-joined Facebook after leaving two years ago. I left at the time out of frustration with the… more »

Indie Usability Field Guides for Elections

elections, accessibility, usability
A friend, [Dana Chisnell][2], is starting a kickstarter campaign, [*"Field Guides for Ensuring Voter Intent"*][1], to develop and produce a series of design and usability field guides for election officials. Dana, among many other things, is the co-aut… more »

First Impressions of G+

privacy, friends, usability
I recently started using Google's newly-released social network service, Google+ (or G+). First, I should say that I left facebook and deleted my account there in May of 2010 after a series of privacy-related screw-ups had me setting and resetting th… more »

Firefox and Foreground Cookie Windows

hacks, open source, photos, usability
Today I was reminded of a behavior I'm not a big fan of in FireFox: foregrounding of cookie allow/deny dialog windows when I click on a link in another application. Here's what happened, and possibly how you can reproduce it: 1. First, I run firef… more »

Permalinks for California Bills?

system, elections, hacks, news, wtf?, chilling effects, research, policy, usability, legal
I've worked with California legislation and law for almost a decade, and one consistently frustrating thing is that it seems impossible to link to bills. For example, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed SB 1404 yesterday, which is a landmark bill to require v… more »
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