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At where 2.0... (well not all of it, due to the EAC)

elections, certification/testing, reform, standards, San Francisco, research, policy, usability
I'll be at some or all of [Where 2.0] here in SF... let me know if your going to be there and what I shouldn't miss. [Where 2.0]: (Unfortunately, the EAC [has released](… more »

My comments to the CA SoS's request on AVVPAT regulations...

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, standards, news, privacy, research, policy, usability, legal
Our SoS has [requested comments] from the public on legislation surrounding [requirements for AVVPAT][regs] in voting systems sold in California. Here is the text of what I submitted... **UPDATE [2005-06-24 16:12:49]:** The EFF and CVF have co-autho… more »

Losing patience with Bloglines... it's starting to suck!

system, blogging, feeds, wtf?, chilling effects, usability
I am totally losing my patience with [Bloglines]( Their interface has been wholly inconsistent for the past week. Things such as omission of the "collapse" feature (which allows skipping a bunch of entries… more »

An example of what to do when Apple breaks things...

system, hacks, usability
##### (or how to get the Brahms Composer and AgentViewer running under Mac OS X 10.3.8 on an external drive's partition) A few weeks ago, Apple pushed its version 10.3.9 update of its operating system via Software Update. Many of us geeky Mac users… more »

Doug on GMail...

SIMS, berkeley, friends, usability
If you need a break from coding, analysis or writing papers as the semester draws to a close, check out [Doug]('s post on GMail: ["Why I switched to gmail"]( I co… more »
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