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Guys, gals... let's call a truce in the toilet seat wars

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So a few UC Berkeley ME students [have designed]( a toilet that automates the process of raising and lowering the toilet seat. > Ladies, how many times have you gone to use the bathroom and t… more »

"Cautious Cars, Cranky Kitchens, Demanding Devices"

privacy, berkeley, research, usability, podcasts, education, iSchool
[Donald Norman](, Co-Founder of the [Nielsen Norman Group]( and Professor at Northwestern University gave the first School of Information [Distinguished Lecture]( of t… more »

Tying ties...

recipe, photos, family, usability, education
Here's a quick refresher course from my Dad on tying ties. (Note: these illustrations are drawn as if you're looking in the mirror... so the left side of each illustration should be your left in the mirror.) Windsor Knot Ha… more »

Innovation at the ACCURATE retreat

elections, reform, news, privacy, research, policy, usability
During yesterday's [ACCURATE] retreat we got to see what everyone was working on in their elections-related research. There was a lot of neat stuff, especially from David Wagner's group. Wagner's group (including [Ping], [David], [Arel], [Naveen] and [… more »

Paste plain text into Mac Word documents using a shortcut

hacks, usability, education
Man, one thing that makes my life a tad bit more difficult is pasting copied text into Word documents and then having Word render the text in some font other than what the document font is set at. One way around this is a kludge: you can hit Edit -… more »
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