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Some good news...

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Sorry for the light posting as of late... School has started and things are busy. Two new items of news: * Richard, my brother, was just accepted to the [London School of Economics][lse] program to pursue a [MSc in Development Studies][msc]. He won'… more »

EFF: Sham Recount Process on Diebold E-voting Machines

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[This]( is remarkable. > "California law guarantees every voter the right to a recount and requires election officials to produce for public review all materials relevant to that recount," said Gr… more »

Trade Secrets and the "Cherokee Nation Open Source License"? Yeah, right...

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As seen on the [Interesting People][ip] list (["You Can't Make This Stuff Up"][1]), a former chief scientist of Novell, Jeff Merkey, is planning on releasing a new operating system (GaDuGi) under an open source license, the Cherokee Nation Open Source L… more »

CD Sales GROWTH in 2004!

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> ### [BBC: US sees growth in CD sales market]( ### > US CD sales rose by 2.3% in 2004 - the first rise in four years - despite the growing popularity of legal digital music downloads. Wow. Is f… more »

Copyrighting Cease and Desist Letters?

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*Can attorneys claim copyright in cease and desist letters they send (to prevent them to be forwarded)?* [TechDirt][1] has an interesting story up, ["Since When Is It Illegal To Just Mention A Trademark Online?"][2] (via [Doug][]'s [Clipblog][dclip])… more »
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