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Apple iOS 6 and Privacy

privacy, policy
My first blog post as part of my new job just went up. In case you missed it, I'm the new senior staff technologist at the [Center for Democracy and Technology]( In addition to research and tech. translation, we also aim to put… more »

Rest in Peace, Yale Braunstein

berkeley, friends, policy, education, iSchool
[Yale Braunstein](, a professor at UC Berkeley's School of Information, passed away last night. Yale was a significant influence in reinforcing my interests in information and technology policy. In his Inf… more »

Comparing the Louis statement and his Terms

privacy, policy, legal
Make no mistake about it, Louis C.K. is one of the funniest humans alive. The [web has been abuzz]( this last week about an… more »

Please Don't Eliminate the EAC

elections, reform, standards, policy
Below is my letter to my congressman, [Steve Rothman], asking him to vote against [HR 672], which will be debated tomorrow on the House floor and likely up for a vote on Wednesday. While I've been critical of the Election Assistance Commission (EA… more »

What Government and Content Have in Common via WikiLeaks

open source, secrecy, privacy, research, policy, DRM
Like many who work in the area of government transparency and secrecy, I've found the recent WikiLeaks trickle-disclosure to be perplexing. Unlike the popular Twitter meme -- ["I don't know if I'm pro-Wikileaks, but I know I'm anti-anti-Wikileaks"][1]… more »
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