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Brennan Center releases threat analysis of common voting systems

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A task force of government, academic and non-profit experts convened by the [Brennan Center for Justice] at the [NYU Law School] has today released the first comprehensive threat analysis of three of the most popular types of electronic voting syste… more »

PBS' California Connected on recent Diebold vulnerabilities

elections, certification/testing, reform, vendors, standards, news, friends, research, policy
[California Connected], a PBS news magazine with an emphasis on California issues, has recently published the last in a [special series]( by Thomas Kelley on the recent security vulnerabilities discove… more »

EVT'06 Submission: "Transparency and Access to Source Code in E-Voting"

elections, reform, copyright, open source, secrecy, research, policy, legal
I just submitted the camera-ready version of this paper to the [USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology 2006] (EVT'06) Workshop: [USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology 2006]: > ### Transparency and A… more »

An Academic Epiphany

system, elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, problems, research, policy
So, for two weeks, I have been struggling with a project of mine trying to get it into a shape where I could submit it to a hip-and-happening conference in the UK ([WOTE'06]). On Tuesday of this week, I resigned myself to look towards the long-term and… more »

Complications with Sequoia's VVPATs, tapes in CA counties

elections, vendors, news, privacy, problems, research, policy, legal
A recent article from the North County Times here in California reports that at least three counties -- Riverside, Napa and San Bernardino -- do not plan on posting results reports in each polling place, contrary to California law. Riverside has as… more »
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