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Using beamer with lucimatx

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I'm done with PowerPoint. It's just stupid. Instead, I'll do my talks in [LaTeX] with the [`beamer` presentation class][1]. This allows me to use familiar LaTeX markup and build a PDF slide presentation that I can then use in any PDF viewer with a… more »

EVT/WOTE 2009 Update

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I'm excited to announce that we have the following confirmed invited talks for [EVT/WOTE 2009][1]: * Keynote: [Larry Norden], NYU Brennan Center * Invited Talk: [Hon. Rush Holt], NJ-12 U.S. Representative * Invited Talk: [Ben Adida], Harvard Unvie… more »

Dude, ForceHTTPS

hacks, privacy, friends, policy, education
There's been quite a bit of attention ([EFF], [NYT], [BBC]) paid to the [letter] to Google from 38 security experts requesting that they make HTTPS the default for their cloud computing services (GMail, Google Docs, Calendar, etc.). [NYT]: http://bit… more »

Thurston Moore on Black Metal

music, friends
*(Because sometimes you need more than 140 characters...)* If you know me well, you know two things: 1) my favorite musical troupe of all time is [Sonic Youth]; and, 2) I played drums in a death metal band for a while in high school. [Sonic Youth]… more »

EVT/WOTE 2009 Program Available

elections, hacks, news, friends, research, legal
*(I'm traveling this week in California for meetings and the [Privacy Law Scholar's Conference](, so [Mike] and [Eric] beat me to this announcement...)* [Mike]:… more »
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