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My Girl Rocks!

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Michelle, my partner, just passed the biggest test involved with getting her [GIA][1] gemologist degree. The test is called the "20 stone" where they give you randomly selected colored precious stones, one-by-one, and you have to identify and grade… more »

How fragile we are...

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It's been a rough summer... [Peter](, my grandfather and one uncle have each succumbed to cancer of one sort or another. Then, my father's crappy [mitral valve](, which… more »


chilling effects, family, policy
Death comes for us all. Most of us will not be able to choose the time, place and form of its coming. Fewer of us will have the luxury to not see it coming. It is a strange aspect of humans that some consciously decide to take their own lives and… more »

My Dad on Livestock, Me on Pigs

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My Dad, a pathologist, has started blogging... and it appears he's got a knack for it. His [latest post]( is about a report, [*"Livestock's Long Shadow"*](… more »

My Dad Now Blogs...

blogging, politics, family
My father has entered the blogosphere: [Rousing from Lethargy]... stand the hell back. [Rousing from Lethargy]: more »
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