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A Gift of Photos

photos, family
For this past Christmas, one of the coolest gifts I got was from my father. It was a CDROM of a couple hundred old photos from our past, digitized at high-resolution from old negatives and slides. Here are some highlights from the 165 or so I uplo… more »

'Frigerator' Rolls

recipe, family, food
This is a pretty simple and very tasty rolls recipe perfect for Thanksgiving. I originally got this recipe from my Mom and I believe she tore it out of *Sunset* magazine... but, I've changed the recipe a bit over the years. These are great for enterta… more »

My Sister, the Hero

My sis, Tracie, is the Training Director for the [King County Search and Rescue Association](, a volunteer corps of rescue experts in Seattle. She's quoted and featured extensively in an article penned by a rescuee in the Washington… more »

Sesame Ginger Chicken with Beans and Mushrooms

recipe, family, food
This is tasty recipe. As you can tell, I've been making more chicken dishes... yum. With good chicken, beans and mushrooms, this dish is out of this world in terms of just the right garlic, ginger and sesame ratio with a little lingering heat. This… more »

Ignatieff Quote About Academics vs. Politicians

politics, family, policy, education
My father, who seems to have ceased blogging as of late, sent me this very interesting quote from a piece by Michael Ignatieff in the 5 August NYT ([*"Getting Iraq Wrong"*](… more »
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