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Stallman on Copyright Reform

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[Richard Stallman] came to speak at UC Berkeley's [Department of Computer Science] this past Wednesday about copyright reform. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I've heard a lot of what he said before and I had skipped another very interesting… more »

Help Look for Jim Gray with Mechanical Turk

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From [David Molnar]( > Jim Gray was the first person to receive a PhD from Berkeley in computer science. He's been missing for several days after setting out to sail from San Francisco to the Farallon I… more »

Neurosis, Red Sparowes and Grails at GAMH

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Michelle and I saw [Neurosis] at the [Great American Music Hall] on Sunday with [Red Sparowes] and [Grails]. It was a totally awesome show. Considering Neurosis doesn't play out but a few times a year, no self-respecting fan of thoughtful heavy music… more »

Bush protects us from "eye tack"

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I caught this funny mistranslation of Bush by the closed captioning... he said "attack" and the CC thought it was "eye tack". I'm not even sure I know what "eye tack" is... > "The election has changed many things in Washington but it has not cha… more »

Cthulu Jack O' Lantern

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I love carving pumpkins... here's my take on a [Cthulu] design. [Cthulu]: more »
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