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PlaceSite @ A Cuppa Tea

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A [Joe G][joeg] notes (["PlaceSite"][1]): > Some graduate students at Berkeley are doing this very cool location-based social software project. When a user connects to the wireless network at a participating cafe, they are presented with a captive… more »

Googling old friends...

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So, I did a quick Google image search for an old friend from La Cueva High School (Albuquerque), Sean Garner... and I happened upon a pic of him in graduate school at [Cornell]( in his [Magnetic Resonancy Force Micros… more »

zestyping: What's wrong with this picture?

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Check out [Ping][p]'s post, ["What's wrong with this picture?"][pp]: > Have a good look at this picture. Does anything seem unusual about it? (If you already know the secret, don't tell.) [pp]:… more »

A mess o' dorks...

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So Michelle was gifted a bunch of records a while back from a previous coworker. And there's some really dorky album covers in the mix (See "[Vinyl Motherload][vm]" from [NQB v0.1][nqb]). There are levels of dorkiness, even. From just dorky enoug… more »

Happy slappers

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**UPDATE [2005-04-28 15:19:29]:** All of you coming from Google will want to [go here]( This is a disturbing new trend in the use of digital media... voyeuristic violence towards strange… more »
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