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At where 2.0... (well not all of it, due to the EAC)

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I'll be at some or all of [Where 2.0] here in SF... let me know if your going to be there and what I shouldn't miss. [Where 2.0]: (Unfortunately, the EAC [has released](… more »

Veronica Lipgloss, Glass Candy and the Man with the Screaming Brain

music, San Francisco
So, we've got an exciting Wednesday and Thursday evening set up... Wednesday we're off to the theatre to see *[eviL DeaD Live]* at the [Victoria Theatre] and then on Thursday we'll see the movie *[the Man with the Screaming Brain]* at [the Roxie] and th… more »

Women you should be reading...

berkeley, San Francisco
Here are two gals you should be reading if you enjoy good writing... writing that will make you chuckle; writing that will make you re-read sentences; writing that will teach you something, that's for sure: * [AnnaLee Newitz]() at her Techsplotat… more »

eviL dead Live

wtf?, San Francisco
If you like the [three][1] [Evil][2] [Dead][3] movies (produced by [Sam Raimi][4] with [Bruce Campbell][5]... w00t [Xena][x]!), you're going to love [**Evil Dead Live**][e]. [1]: [2]:… more »

interface grrl

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Mary is one of two kick-ass women that got me into blogging... read about her here: "Her So-Called Digital Life". more »
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