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Commonwealth Club Panel: Should Books Be Free Online?

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Make a reservation for this [Commonwealth Club]( panel... (via the one and only ass-kicking [LawGeek]( > [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY | THURSDAY JANUARY 26](h… more »

Sony's got balls...

wtf?, SIMS, San Francisco
Check out [this Sony commercial]( where they unleashed a ton o' balls on an SF hill. Or as [Sean]( put it: > You think the last thing I'd ever do is po… more »

Care for your absentee ballot...

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Absentee voters should consider *not* sending their ballots back via postal mail. First, you'll save a stamp. Second, lots can happen -- spoiling, subversion, misplacement, etc. -- to your ballot between when you place it in the mail and when it a… more »

My Orphan Work Comment in the SF Guardian

copyright, chilling effects, San Francisco, policy, legal
[My comment]( submitted to the LOC's [Orphan Works RFC]( was mentioned in an [SF Guardian]( article by Matthew Hirsch: [*"… more »

DJ Ripley and Kid Kameleon at the Elbo Room...

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dj ripley -=- kid kameleon more »
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