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Kapor on "Virtual Worlds"

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[Mitch Kapor] gave the third installment in his series of [Distinguished Lectures] here at the [UC Berkeley School of Information] yesterday. His talk was entitled, "Disruptive Innovations I Have Known and Loved, Part 3: Virtual Worlds". Audio from th… more »

Kapor, Disruptive Innovations, Part 2

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[Mitch Kapor] gave the second installment of his [Distinguished Lecture] series on Disruptive Innovations here at the [UC Berkeley School of Information] this past Wednesday. This talk focused on the role of the internet and world-wide web and why… more »

Craig Newmark podcast

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Craig Newmark (the "Craig" in [craigslist]) gave a talk here at the School of Information today on ["What can the Social Entrepreneurship and ICT for Development field learn from Craigslist?"]( You can find… more »

MN Post Election Audit Summit

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##### I've reopened comments for a few days on this post. I'm here at the [Post Election Audit Summit] in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There are about 100 election officials, technical types and advocates in the same room talking about the very difficul… more »

For Igor...

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To the motorcyclist that pushed Igor off his bicycle this weekend: **Fuck you and I hope you get pushed off your bike, bitch!** There's a special type of bad karma/hell for people that fuck with bicylcists (and I'm not talking about the critical mass… more »
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