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"Contractual Barriers to Transparency in Electronic Voting"

elections, reform, vendors, copyright, open source, secrecy, chilling effects, berkeley, litigation, research, policy, legal
I've just submitted the camera-ready version of my paper, "Contractual Barriers to Transparency in Electronic Voting" for the [USENIX/ACCURATE Electronic Voting Technology Workshop 2007]( (EVT'07) in Boston on 6 Augus… more »

Easy replacing of ^M in emacs

Sorry to get all geeky on you, but... Lately, I've had to do a lot of replacing `^M` characters in files and pasted text in [emacs]. All seasoned emacs users know that this is easily done by doing the following at the beginning of a file: M-x… more »

Perz bloggin'

blogging, copyright, open source, berkeley, San Francisco, p2p, friends, policy, DRM, legal, iSchool
Join me in a hearty blogosphere welcome to [Aaron Perzanowski]... god forbid if they give this kid any realy power. ::) [Aaron Perzanowski]: more »

Eliminating NAs in matched data in R

hacks, open source, berkeley, research, education
This was bugging the shit out of me in our is271B (quant methods) final... I had three arrays with NAs in different rows of each array... I had done a weird brute-force machination like the following to get rid of the NAs and preserve the pairwise ma… more »

My Comments on California's Draft Criteria for Top-To-Bottom Review of Voting Systems

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, vendors, standards, hacks, privacy, berkeley, policy, legal
[California Secretary of State Deborah Bowen] has begun a Top-To-Bottom (TTB) review of voting systems used in California. On Thursday of last week, the Secretary released a set of draft criteria to be used in the TTB review process ([*"Top-To-Bottom R… more »
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