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On the subject of SIMS master's projects, check out [Lisa]( and [Carolyn]('s [SylViA]( app. ... it's an XML-powered syllabus viewer for SIMS courses.… more »

PlaceSite @ A Cuppa Tea

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A [Joe G][joeg] notes (["PlaceSite"][1]): > Some graduate students at Berkeley are doing this very cool location-based social software project. When a user connects to the wireless network at a participating cafe, they are presented with a captive… more »

A piece of Nathan's rant on!

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So an unattributed piece of (SIMS Student) Nathan Good's [recent rant][rant] on the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie has found its way to national media... unfortunately, it's MTV (["Your guide to the 'Hitchhikers' phenomenon and film"][1]): [ra… more »

Geek Tourist in Iraq...

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So, [Matt] from SIMS has a friend [Jake] who is doing some (unofficially sanctioned) geek tourism in Iraq... heavily armed... and heavily decked-out with technology. This is some crazy shiznit! Check out the text, photos and videos: [Matt]: http://w… more »

Way cool tee...

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Coolest... t-shirt... ever. ##### ([SIMS] Phd Student [Paul]) [SIMS]: [Paul]: **UPDATE [2005-04-22 14:16:19]:** [Carlo][c] [points] to where [you can buy this t-shirt][t]... al… more »
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