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PlaceSite in NYT

SIMS, berkeley, friends, food, policy
[Sean], [Jon] and Damon McCormick's project [PlaceSite] made it into a story in today's NYT on cafes throttling back the free WiFi: [PlaceSite]: [Sean]: [Jon]: http://www.offhand… more »

It's an exodus, y'all...

system, blogging, hacks, open source, SIMS
Like [Judd] (and [so][so] [many] sims students), I'm going to be moving on to my own domain. I just got [] and will move this blog to ``, as soon as I can find a good web host. [judd]: http://www.technotaste.… more »

A change in name...

SIMS, berkeley
I just heard through the grapevine that my school, [UC Berkeley][ucb]'s [School of Information Management and Systems][sims] (SIMS) will soon be called UC Berkeley's School of Information. I suppose that will mean our domain will change... ho hum, time… more »

Doug on GMail...

SIMS, berkeley, friends, usability
If you need a break from coding, analysis or writing papers as the semester draws to a close, check out [Doug]('s post on GMail: ["Why I switched to gmail"]( I co… more »

On netiquette

politics, SIMS, policy
At least four separate organizations I'm involved with have had problems lately with behavior on unmoderated mailing lists. In the interest of not filling up people's inboxes, I would like to point everyone out there to [Jeff Johnson][3]'s 1998 article… more »
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