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Which evil nation state are you? (similes for Microsoft, Yahoo and Google)

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[Danah]( posts a great analogy for search companies... love it. Here is the gist (taken out of context): > **Microsoft i… more »

Courseware Lite?

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So, I'm starting design for a web site for the [OSDDDI][1] class this fall taught by [Mitch Kapor], [Pam Samuelson] and [Steven Weber]. [1]: [Mitch Kapor]: [Pam Samu… more »

Pam Samuelson: "Did MGM Really Win the Grokster Case?"

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##### (Full disclosure: Pam is my adviser) Via the [RSS feed] of [Pam Samuelson]'s *[Papers]* page comes her forthcoming (Oct. 2005) article for [CACM]'s Legally Speaking column: *"[Did MGM Really Win the Grokster Case?]"*. Here's the take-away and… more »

No p2p setbacks in Taiwan...

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Courtesy of [Doug]( > ### [Ezpeer found not guilty in landmark copyright verdict][1] [1]: > #####… more »

Mary on what to do in an era of Grokster...

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[Mary] makes a pointed observation (*["The 5-8 Year Problem: Asking the Ocean To Turn Back Won't Work With Digital Media Tides"](*): [Mary]: > Chatting with Jason Sc… more »
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