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It's really been tough not being able to talk about this, but it has now hit the press. The NSF has funded our center-level CyberTrust proposal titled, "A Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Accurate and Transparent Elections" (ACCURATE) to the tune… more »

You may soon need a BS in CS to code software...

hacks, open source, SIMS, friends, policy Brazil. [Yuri] has the details: [*"Professional Regulation in Brazil"*]( [Yuri]: more »

Weber on Iraq

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Check out UC Berkeley Prof. [Steve Weber] on what to do in Iraq ([*"A Modest Proposal for Iraq"*][1]): [Steve Weber]: [1]: > Here'… more »

A strange circle of connection...

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So frequently, I see connections I make come full circle in weird ways... here's a story of finding a picture of a cute kitty for my business card and the social network connections along the way. The image at left is a cute kitty, no? The first… more »


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A belated congratulations to [Marc] and [Ryan] et al. for the oh-so cool [announcement] that [Yahoo Research Labs Berkeley] is live... (via [Ryan's blog]( [marc]: htt… more »
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