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ACCURATE's comments to the EAC on 2005 VVSG

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Here is the 50-page document that has been ruling my life (and the lives of a few others) for the past month: This is [ACCURATE][1]'s comments on the [2005 VVSG][2] to the [EAC][3]. Enjoy. I'll return to this later today or tomorrow to explain a… more »

Top or Bottom?

Are you [top or bottom]( more »

Hacking to make a point...

hacks, SIMS, berkeley, friends, policy, education
[Yuri][1], to make a particularly important policy point, [whipped up a small script][2] that harvests 23,864 UC Berkeley email addresses from [][3]. Read his post... he also does some interesting statistical stuff with the list o… more »

Microphones can record keystrokes

hacks, privacy, SIMS, berkeley, research
Microphones placed near keyboards can record keystrokes ([*"Keyboard Acoustic Emanations Revisited"*]( [Doug] and colleagues have [a new paper] that talks about how their ne… more »

Licensing Woes...

elections, copyright, hacks, open source, chilling effects, SIMS, policy, legal
Anyone out there that will be taking our [class on open source] this fall (taught by Pam Samuelson, Steve Weber and Mitch Kapor) will soon appreciate this (if they don't already): In the process of managing the development of the [Verified Voting Founda… more »
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