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Jimmy Wales' talk at SIMS

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[Danah] was able to get [Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales] -- founder of [Wikipedia] -- for a talk at [SIMS] amid his very hectic schedule. The room was packed and I know even more who couldn't attend. Lucky for them, I recorded the talk (also lucky for them, Jimm… more »

Sony's got balls...

wtf?, SIMS, San Francisco
Check out [this Sony commercial]( where they unleashed a ton o' balls on an SF hill. Or as [Sean]( put it: > You think the last thing I'd ever do is po… more »

Electronic Voting in Brazil and Argentina

elections, news, politics, SIMS, berkeley, friends, research, policy
If you're interested in electronic voting issues in other countries, here are two great posts about Brazil and Argentina, respectively: * [*"Electronic Voting in Brazil"*]( By… more »

Berkeley Information Technology Review Committee

system, SIMS, berkeley, policy, education
I have just been chosen as the graduate student representative to the Berkeley Information Technology Review Committee. (I've spent the past year on the [eBerkeley Steering Committee] and the previous two years on the [eBerkeley Educational Technology… more »

Prefacing lines in emacs...

hacks, SIMS, berkeley, education
So, I wanted a way to insert the string `PROMPT` in front of every line in a region of a text file. (This is for an [SQL]( script for [Ray]'s [DB Mgmt. class].). [Ray]: [DB Mgmt. cla… more »
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