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UC Berkeley iSchool = SIMS

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We've changed our name from SIMS to UC Berkeley's School of Information... or iSchool for short. Check us out and our new web page: . Let us know if you have any comments on the design, content, whatever! more »

State of the School Address by Dean Saxenian

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Dean [AnnaLee Saxenian] gave the first annual *State of the School* address today for SIMS (soon to be called the UC Berkeley School of Information... or I-School). I was able to record her talk and you find the audio and slides here: * [`saxenia… more »

Commonwealth Club Panel: Should Books Be Free Online?

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Make a reservation for this [Commonwealth Club]( panel... (via the one and only ass-kicking [LawGeek]( > [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY | THURSDAY JANUARY 26](h… more »

A very rough way to judge classroom blog participation...

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In our [OSDDDI] course, contributing to [the class blog] is part of each student's participation grade. It's not weighted particularly heavily and is not the centerpiece of the course, but it can make a difference for students on the border between one… more »

Voting System Information Database

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I just presented the [Voting System Information Database]( that I've created for my final project in [Ray Larson]'s databases class. The data was taken largely from the VVF's [Verifier] tool but I intend for the VSID to b… more »
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