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My russian friend the pirate...

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Turns out, [Yuri]( is a [freakin' pirate]( [Here's]( [the](http://www.freewisd… more »


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[Mary][] has [the scoop][s] over at [Napsterization][n]: [AskJeeves][aj] is purchasing [Bloglines][b]. And the new [AskJeeves blog][ajb] seems to scream the same... [mary]: [s]:… more »

Trouble installing WPBlacklist 2.8...

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*I had a bit of difficulty installing WPBlacklist 2.8 for a Wordpress blog... here's how I recovered.* So, the spammers have hit the [p2p blog]( (I can't use [AuthImage](… more »

zestyping: What's wrong with this picture?

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Check out [Ping][p]'s post, ["What's wrong with this picture?"][pp]: > Have a good look at this picture. Does anything seem unusual about it? (If you already know the secret, don't tell.) [pp]:… more »

The Challenge of P2P Blog...

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The class blog for [Pam Samuelson][pam]'s graduate seminar [*Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology: Legal and Policy Challenges*][pamp2p] is here: ["The Challenge of P2P"][pamp2pblog]. (I'm the tutor for the course, which begins tomorrow.) Berkeley students… more »
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