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When diverse parties openly deliver digital information...

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Come take our class in [SIMS][] at [Berkeley][] this Fall. Instructors will be [Pam Samuelson][ps], [Mitchell Kapor][mk] and [Steven Weber][sw] (I'll be your TA). [berkeley]: [sims]: [ps]: htt… more »


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As [Sean][] [points out][1]: Fellow [SIMS][] student [Patrick Riley][pr] and crew are developing a mobile application called [mREPLAY][] that will be tested this Spring. It essentially allows you to see replays of sporting events on a mobile phone whil… more »

EFF posts The Betamax Case archive...

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[Jason][] over at the [EFF][] has sent word that they've made the case archive from 1984's [*Sony v. Universal*]( supreme court case avaiable here: [EFF: The Betamax Case][sony]. [jason]:http:… more »

New paper on the poisioning and pollution of P2P networks

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Nicolas Christin has just put the finishing touches on a new paper authored with Andreas Weigend and SIMS professor John Chuang, "Content Availability, Pollution and Poisoning in File Sharing Peer-to-Peer Networks" (PDF) that will be presented at ACM's… more »

Firefox Searchbar for Google Maps

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[Judd][1] beat me to this one... he's written a [searchbar in FireFox][2] for [Google Maps][3]. The web just got that more useful! [1]: [2]:… more »
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