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Some graduation pics...

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Here are some pics taken at our commencement... a superb pic taken by Andrew Fiore (catch his album on Facebook): A picture taken by Jens of me messin' around (link is to my flickr set): A picture taken by me with Yuri's camera... this is… more »

South Hall Palm Tree Has Fallen

SIMS, berkeley, education, iSchool
Around midnight Jan. 9 2008, the large palm tree on the southwest side of South Hall fell down. From the look of it, a steam pipe underneath the root system essentially cooked the palm's root system. I took some pictures of the magnificent shrub, cli… more »

Some random thoughts...

wtf?, SIMS, berkeley, friends, education, iSchool
* Peter Lyman's memorial today was beautiful. * I'm so going to see [Dragon Wars]. I ***love*** dragons!!! * Wow. Kathy Griffin: ["Suck it, Jesus"]. I guess you can't say that on TV, huh? * I've finished both [*Neuromancer*] and [*Count Zero*] and… more »

The Future of Information

SIMS, berkeley, friends, podcasts, iSchool
Yesterday the UC Berkeley [School of Information] (iSchool) hosted a panel discussion and reception to celebrate the change of our name (we were formerly known as the School of Information Management and Systems (SIMS)). The event started with [Dea… more »

An Unarmed iSchool Alum Speaks

SIMS, berkeley, friends, policy, education, iSchool
Dave Schlossberg (now at [IODA]) has this piece, [*"The State of the iSchool: A response from an unarmed alum"*](, over at his rant-space, [the meat]. I'll post some comments after reading it at lun… more »
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