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Lots going on at NASA...

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There is a lot going on at NASA. Firings, layoffs, contract cancellations and hints of center reorganizations and maybe even a closure. First, it appearts the the new NASA administrator, Michael Griffin, plans on letting go of 20-50 high-level ma… more »

Macrovision patents hacking...

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Guess who filed a patent application for polluting, posioning and launching DOS attacks against p2p networks? [Macrovision did][1]. [1]: more »

OMA email

patents, policy
Below is an email I received from a [public relations] person for [this post] to [BoingBoing]. Here's what I wrote back: [public relations]: [this post]: [BoingB… more »

First Sale and a Patentee's Right to Prohibit Imports

patents, SIMS, friends
Paul (another SIMS PhD) and I had been discussing the interaction between first sale and a patentee's right to prohibit importation of his previously-sold art. That is, if the patentee sells products that practice his patent to someone in a foreign cou… more »

Mozilla Search Bar Plugins

hacks, open source, patents
Here's a quick list of the search bar plugins I've created for Mozilla/FireFox: California Election Code Search Bar (installation instructions) USPTO Patent Number Search Bar (installation instructions) Euro to US Dollar Converter… more »
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