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[Heather Meeker] from [Greenberg Traurig] spoke yesterday at [Pam Samuelson]'s [open source class]... and confirmed what I had feared: [GPLv3] is [dead] on [arrival]. **Later:** Oh yeah, she also said that *SCO v. IBM* is totally irrelevant to the GP… more »

The Dangers of Blurring Lines in Academia...

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[Lilia](, a recent Master's graduate from here at the [iSchool](, recounts her frustrating experience with her Master's project, her adviser and intellectual property associated with her project:… more »

New Feed for Pam Samuelson's Papers

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Hi, if you're a fan of my adviser, Pam Samuelson, and her scholarship, then you'd probably like to know that there is a feed for her paper page (where she posts her forthcoming papers): The old feed had fallen into disrepair. This one is largely au… more »

AutoMARK gets a patent for the "ballot marking device"

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One of the true innovations in computer-mediated voting in recent years is the development of the ballot marking device. A number of vendors have developed devices that essentially act like large expensive pens. These devices allow people with disabil… more »

EFF turns 16

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The [EFF turns 16 today]( if you appreciate the work that they have done and continue to do in the realm of digital rights, please consider making a [recurring donation](… more »
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