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FB's Software Doesn't Seem Worth Billions

wtf?, privacy, usability
Not, of course, that their billion-dollar IPO filing is solely based on the quality and value of their software. *(warning: usability rant.)* I recently re-joined Facebook after leaving two years ago. I left at the time out of frustration with the… more »

Explaining Tor to Non-Technical Students

privacy, education
A few months ago, the German police raided a German Tor operator and seized all of his computing equipment. To get his stuff back, this operator explained to the police how Tor works using envelopes within envelopes to describe onion routing. When I… more »

Comparing the Louis statement and his Terms

privacy, policy, legal
Make no mistake about it, Louis C.K. is one of the funniest humans alive. The [web has been abuzz]( this last week about an… more »

One person's trash is another person's... medical record?

chilling effects, privacy, legal, health
*(cross-posted at the [Privacy Research Blog][1].)* [1]: An intriguing story flew past my Twitter stream, that begins: "MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) -- Detailed medical information discov… more »

Advice on Calibrating a Fitbit

privacy, exercise
Since I've started research involving personal health records (PHRs) and privacy, I've gotten interested in health "gadgets", like [the fitbit]( The fitbit is a small device--with an accelerometer and altimeter in it--that measu… more »
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