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Do you have nothing to hide?

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(comments are open on this post for a few days.) I'm set to go on vacation in the near future and a short plane trip is par for the course. I didn't hear about the British terror plot involving liquids until Michelle's mother, Pat, mentioned it in a… more »

EFF turns 16

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The [EFF turns 16 today]( if you appreciate the work that they have done and continue to do in the realm of digital rights, please consider making a [recurring donation](… more »

Complications with Sequoia's VVPATs, tapes in CA counties

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A recent article from the North County Times here in California reports that at least three counties -- Riverside, Napa and San Bernardino -- do not plan on posting results reports in each polling place, contrary to California law. Riverside has as… more »

Our CFP Tutorial

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##### Sorry, this post got mangled in a previous database record. Jack Lerner ([SLTPPC](, Matt Zimmerman ([EFF]( and I just finished a superb "Electronic Voting Primer" as a half-day tutorial at t… more »

GPG <=, bad

hacks, open source, privacy
As [Schneier notes](, there is a significant vulnerability in GnuPG versions before that allows one to prepend or append arbitrary data to a signed message and not affect the sig… more »
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