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SMC Times: Elections Office Gets Tips from Experts

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Rebekah Gordon of the San Mateo Times has written a piece about some of our auditing work: > ### [Elections Office gets tips from experts]( > > By Rebekah Gordon > > SAN MATEO… more »

The General Election at Precinct 225400

elections, accessibility, news, privacy, policy
I have always wanted to volunteer for an election and see what it's like to be on the ground, especially since election policy is a key part of my PhD thesis. [Avi Rubin], the director of our [ACCURATE] grant, recently [volunteered as a poll worker] in… more »

Fred Schneider, "What Price Insularity? ..." (iSchool DLS)

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This past Wednesday, [Fred Schneider][1] from [Cornell's Computer Science Department][2] gave the second [iSchool][3] Distinguished Lecture of the 2006-2007 academic year, "What Price Insularity? Dialogs about Computer Security Failings". Fred's ta… more »

Barriers to TOR Research at UC Berkeley

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I'm giving a talk today here at the TRUST Privacy workshop entitled [*"Barriers to TOR Research at UC Berkeley"* (slides)]( The paper is available here: (Thanks to [Ryan](h… more »

Wagner's comments on VVPR

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David Wagner has posted [follow-up comments][1] responsive to questions submitted to him by the House Admininstration and Science Committees. These questions werein response to his [superb testimony][2] on the hill in July. [1]: http://www.cs.berkel… more »
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