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Huygens coverage stinks... where the real data is.

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So, I've been *really really* disappointed in the [NASA][]/[ESA][] coverage of the descent of the Huygens probe. We got a [few][1] [badly][2] [processed][3] [images][4] and very little text or non-imaging data. [1]:… more »

More on Huygens Descent

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##### (a follow-up to my [previous Huygens post][phuyg]) [phuyg]: [ESA][] has posted a neat timeline of Huygens' descent activity, ["Huygens descent timeline"][tl] for 14 January. N… more »

Cassini, Huygens, Titan...

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So the Huygens probe will detach, by firing explosive bolts, from the Cassini Spacecraft today. (["/.: Cassini Robot Lab Successfully Separates"]( A significant part of my past in… more »

You can see that Spirit from Orbit!

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Wheel tracks left by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit, and even the rover itself, are visible in this partial image from the Mars Orbiter Camera on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor orbiter more »

Planet Hunting Gets Rocky

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(You or your institution will have to have a subscription to Science to click through the link above.) When it comes to extrasolar planets, smaller is better--at least for astronomers, who long to find worlds like Earth. A European team now has taken… more »
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