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New WMAP Results

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The Universe is 13.73 (0.12) billion years old. Seems like if we know so well how old the Universe is, we should probably start celebrating it's birthday, right? more »

Pluto is still a planet

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I'm getting increasingly disgusted with the commentary surrounding the new IAU definition of "planet". It's not that I would normally get disgusted... but it must just be a slow news day and everyone seems to have a silly opinion. NPR started off with… more »

We have a tenth planet...

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Astronomers [have discovered][1] a tenth planet, Lila (see note on name below)... modulo the debate about what is considered a planet; for which I point you to [Gibor Basri]'s great essay: [*Defining "Planet"*](… more »

Evidence of Cosmic Strings Found?

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If this "discovery" survives scrutiny, it will be the biggest scientific discovery of all time. Hands down. > ### [Finding the Ultimate Theory of Everything](… more »

Methane rain "on the rocks"...

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Too cool. We have weather, houston (from ["Titan's Streams Like Earth's"](,2697,66351,00.html)): > Many of the same processes that helped shape the Earth are in effect today on Saturn's smoggy moon Titan, a team of in… more »
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