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Astrologer suing NASA for hitting comet with spacecraft

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Check this out...: > ### [Astrologist sues NASA over crash]( > MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) -- A Russian astrologist who says NASA has altered her horoscope by crashing a spacecraft… more »

Lots going on at NASA...

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There is a lot going on at NASA. Firings, layoffs, contract cancellations and hints of center reorganizations and maybe even a closure. First, it appearts the the new NASA administrator, Michael Griffin, plans on letting go of 20-50 high-level ma… more »

Evidence of Cosmic Strings Found?

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If this "discovery" survives scrutiny, it will be the biggest scientific discovery of all time. Hands down. > ### [Finding the Ultimate Theory of Everything](… more »

Non-controversial P2P: Aliens, Proteins and Atmospheric Models

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(cross-posted to ["Challenges of P2P"]( [here]( In the P2P debate, it's often easy to forget that there are important uses of P2P technology other than f… more »

Methane rain "on the rocks"...

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Too cool. We have weather, houston (from ["Titan's Streams Like Earth's"](,2697,66351,00.html)): > Many of the same processes that helped shape the Earth are in effect today on Saturn's smoggy moon Titan, a team of in… more »
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