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EFF turns 16

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The [EFF turns 16 today]( if you appreciate the work that they have done and continue to do in the realm of digital rights, please consider making a [recurring donation](… more »

D'oh... oh broken tech.

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Damn. I just received my snazzy new [Kinesis keyboard] which comes highly recommended from my CS colleagues. But the "Y U I O P" row of keys is all dead. Well, as [mroth] said, I now get to test the support infrastructure that is available for such an… more »

VoterAction files suit in CA against Secretary of State

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A group of California voters[1] filed suit today against the California Secretary of State and all State election officials[2] that plan on using DESI's DRE and optical scan voting machines in upcoming elections. Here is the [complaint](http://www.votet… more »

Chris Anderson: "The Elephant in the Long Tail"

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Peach Cosmo

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Freakin' yum. ### Peach Cosmo * 3 shots peach vodka (Peach Absolut, Peach Stoli, etc.) * 1 shot triple sec (Curacao, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, etc.) * 1 shot fresh lime juice * 1 shot cranberry juice Add all ingredients to a shaker with 7 cu… more »
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